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jinyang zhang IS helping students think about careers, colleges, and their interests

"One day in science class, my teacher mentioned that he wishes high schools would provide internships for students as credit for them to learn about the opportunities out there. As I was laying in yoga class, I continued to think about what my science teacher mentioned. “How cool would it be to talk to a psychologist?” Suddenly, a light bulb went off in my head. 

So what exactly is the organization I am starting?

We help high school students and college students decide on their major, college or career!

We match the mentees (the students who need help) with mentors (college students and people with job experience) that matches the mentee’s needs and interests (ex. Mentee wants to study engineering, we match him/her with mentor who studies engineering or is an engineered) to help answer the mentee’s questions in regards to college, major or career! 

If the mentee is undecided, we match him/her with a variety of people to help him/her learn more about different areas!

Why am I passionate about the subject matter?

As a high school student myself, I see my peers get overwhelmed with the stress of not knowing what they want to do after high school. I have friends in college who have no clue what they will be doing after they graduate. And for myself, as someone who do know what they want to do after graduation, psychology, truly, I do not have much information on if psychology would be THE major and path for me. Maybe the emotional strain from my patients would be too much. I would never really know unless I learn more about how it truly feels from someone who actually takes on that emotional strain every day. If I could just help bridge this disconnect, my job is complete!

Why is this important in today’s society?

The disconnect between the life after graduation and the students is a huge problem today. As I have mentioned above, I see my peers around me struggle with this every day."

- Jinyang Zhang, Winter '17 Fellow


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