Benjamin carme


Benjamin Carme IS providing accessible stress relief to students who need it

"In a world of radical politics and endless divides, where is the time to problem solve and work things out? Everyone is constantly fighting and trying to pull each other separate ways, when no one is focusing on the real, important issues at hand. I have been working with my team on developing a guided “safe space” for students in high school, to come together from all ends of the political spectrum and problem solve using social media campaigns and partaking in events and protests. Everyone should come together as youth and empower the world. We are focusing on major issues such as stress relief for students and immigration reform. We are creating a program that can be implemented in every high school across the nation. We want to be the people who lead action as the youth voice and students right are very under represented. Find us at YEP, Youth Empowering Progress. We will officially launch March 1st ! 

- Benjamin Carme, Winter '17 Fellow


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