Alicia sagatsume


Alicia Sagastume IS helping to make theater accessible to everyone

"My name is Alicia Sagastume and I’m a freshman at Assumption College. I have an inherent interest in community service and a passion for theatre. I knew I wanted to combine these two aspects of my life and through NEXT it was a success. I am in the process of creating a scholarship for children who want to participate in local theatre programs, but don’t have the means to. I was fortunate to have Becca as my mentor and she was exceptional. She provided me contacts that could be useful and loads of information/research that could help me further my plans. At the start of the program I was hesitant to put my name down as I am only 18, but I soon realized that NEXT was created for that exact reason. This program provided easy transitions into what could have been a long and disastrous start. I am so thankful for the opportunities they’ve helped me line up and am looking forward to all the goals I can accomplish with the help of NEXT."

- Alicia Sagatsume, Winter '17 Fellow


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